Updated on 2023-11-21 GMT+08:00


In this document, you will learn about how CodeArts PerfTest is billed, how you can manage costs, and what happens if your account goes into arrears.

  • Billing modes

    CodeArts PerfTest provides the pay-per-use billing mode. Pay-per-use is a postpaid mode. You can start using the CodeArts PerfTest pressure tests first and then pay as you go for the VUMs consumed in pressure tests. Therefore, you need to ensure that your account balance is sufficient. For details, see Overview.

    The billing unit of CodeArts PerfTest is virtual user minute (VUM). The calculation formula is VUM = VU x M, in which VU indicates the number of concurrent virtual users and M indicates the pressure test duration, in minutes.

  • Billing items

    CodeArts PerfTest provides the pay-per-use billing mode. For details of the billing items, see Billing Items.

    In the pay-per-use billing mode, after enabling CodeArts PerfTest, you can directly use CodeArts PerfTest as long as your account is not in arrears. The system charges you based on the VUMs consumed by CodeArts PerfTest pressure tests.

  • Viewing bills

    You can choose Billing Center > Billing to check the CodeArts PerfTest transactions and bills. For details, see Bills.

  • Arrears

    If there is not a sufficient account balance to pay for your bill and there is no other payment method configured, your account will go into arrears. CodeArts PerfTest cannot be used after arrears. You need to top up your account in a timely manner. For details, see About Arrears.

  • Stopping billing

    If you no longer need to use CodeArts PerfTest, you can stop the test tasks to stop the billing. For details, see Billing Termination.

  • Managing costs

    You can manage your costs from 4 dimensions: composition, allocation, analysis, and optimization. For details, see Cost Management.