Updated on 2023-02-24 GMT+08:00

Database Monitoring Overview


DMS is provided by GaussDB(DWS) to ensure the fast and stable running of databases. It collects, monitors, and analyzes the disk, network, and OS metric data used by the service database, as well as key performance metric data of cluster running. It also diagnoses database hosts, instances, and service SQL statements based on the collected metrics to expose key faults and performance problems in a database in a timely manner, and guides customers to optimize and resolve the problems.

  • The database monitoring function is supported by and later versions.
  • The hybrid data warehouse (standalone) does not support database monitoring.
  • The database monitoring function and Cloud Eye monitor different data sources. In database monitoring, the size of a database is the total disk space used by the database, including the space occupied due to bloating.

Entering the Database Monitoring Page

  1. Log in to the GaussDB(DWS) management console.
  2. On the Clusters page, locate the target cluster.
  3. In the Operation column of the target cluster, choose Monitoring Panel. The database monitoring page is displayed.