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Updated on 2023-07-20 GMT+08:00

Why Cannot I Renew a Resource? Which Resources Cannot Be Renewed?

Renewal is not supported in the following scenarios:
  1. Reserved instances are not renewable.
  2. Pay-per-use resources and spot instances are not renewable.
  3. If an order for changing the specifications of a yearly/monthly resource has been submitted but has not been paid, such a resource is not renewable.
  4. Unsubscribed or released resources are not renewable.
  5. Yearly/monthly resources that have been changed or are being changed to pay-per-use billing mode are not renewable.
  6. If a yearly/monthly resource has supplemented resources, the yearly/monthly resource is not renewable until the supplemented resources have been provisioned successfully, ensuring that the yearly/monthly resource and the supplemented resources expire at the same time.
  7. Resources no longer available are not renewable.
  8. Orders being processed are not renewable.
  9. If a partner's customer accounts in the reseller model is frozen by the partner, the renewals are not allowed for these accounts. Contact the partner to handle it.

See Renewal restrictions in Renewal Rules for details.

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