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Updated on 2023-09-26 GMT+08:00

What Is a Combined Service?

A combined service consists of multiple resources and is purchased as a whole. The resources in a combined service must be purchased, used, renewed, changed, unsubscribed from, frozen, unfrozen, deleted, and billed together.


You placed a yearly/monthly subscription order for an ECS product with the following configured: ECS instance (ECS, system disk, data disk, and image), shared disk instance, and EIP instance (EIP and bandwidth).

The ECS instance is considered as a combined service, in which all resources must be purchased together. Other related instances, the shared disk and EIP, can be purchased separately or together with the ECS instance. If they are placed in a combined order, they must be purchased together. After the 3 instances are generated, they can be managed separately.

You can view the system disk, data disk, and shared disk only when placing an order. After the order is generated, all of them are displayed as EVS.

Only the image to be charged will be listed in orders, and those free of charge will not.

The EIP instance is not displayed as a combined service yet. User experience remains unchanged.

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