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Updated on 2023-11-28 GMT+08:00

What Is a Combined Order?

A combined order is generated when you place multiple instances in one order for batch purchase, renewal, specifications changing, unsubscriptions, and billing mode changing (Pay-per-Use to Yearly/Monthly). In the combined order, all instances must be paid or canceled together. After the combined order is paid, these instances can be managed separately.

You can view the combined order details, such as the order name and combination type, on the Billing Center.

There are 3 combination types:

  • Combined service: Multiple instances are purchased and used together.


    You placed a yearly/monthly subscription order for an ECS with the system disk, image, data disk, shared disk, EIP, and bandwidth resources added. A combined order is generated, including 3 orders for 3 instances:

    • Order 1: ECS instance (including the ECS, image, system disk, and data disk resources).
    • Order 2: EVS disk instance (shared disk resources).
    • Order 3: VPC instance (including the EIP and bandwidth resources).

    The 3 instances must be paid and used together. Each instance can be renewed, changed, or unsubscribed separately later.

  • Batch management: Multiple instances are managed in a batch, such as renewal, specifications changing, unsubscription, and billing mode changing (Pay-per-Use to Yearly/Monthly).

  • Combined purchase: Multiple instances are purchased from the cart or during a promotion, for example, in Double 11 Shopping Day.

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