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Recommended Suggestions for SMP

Updated at: Dec 30, 2020 GMT+08:00

The summary is as follows based on the preceding analysis:


You need to meet the following conditions if you want to use the SMP feature to improve the performance:

The CPU, memory, I/O and network bandwidth resources are sufficient. The SMP system is a solution that uses abundant resources to exchange time. After the plan parallelism is executed, resource consumption is increased. When these resources become a bottleneck, the SMP cannot improve the performance and even the performance may be deteriorated. In the case of a resource bottleneck, you are advised to disable the SMP.


  1. Set query_dop to 1 (default value). Use explain to generate an execution plan and check whether the plan meets the restrictions in SMP Application Scenarios and Restrictions. If the plan meets the restrictions, go to the next step.
  2. Set query_dop to 0 (adaptive). The system dynamically selects the optimal parallelism degree [1,8] for each query based on the resource usage and query plans to improve the query performance as much as possible.
  3. Set query_dop=–value. The value range of the parallelism degree is [1,value].
  4. Set query_dop=value. The parallelism degree is 1 or value.

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