Updated on 2024-03-07 GMT+08:00

Basic CDN Functions

After you have enabled CDN for your domain name, you can configure specific functions on the console or by calling APIs based on your needs.

This section describes the GUI, functions, and operations on the CDN console.

CDN Console

The following figure shows the Dashboard page of the CDN console.

Figure 1 Dashboard
Table 1 Description




Navigation pane: displays all functions you can configure.


Data Trends: displays the usage of CDN resources.


Today's Top 5 Domain Names: displays the top 5 domain names with the highest usage.


Billed By: displays the billing option and the average resource consumption in seven days.


Resource Packages: displays the resource packages under the account.


Domain Names: displays the number of acceleration domain names under the account.


Price calculator and quick links: display entries to feedback, CDN price details, and documentation.


What's New: displays details about the latest functions.


FAQs and Best Practices: display frequently asked questions and best practices of CDN.


Related Services: displays information about other related Huawei Cloud products.

Console Function Overview

Huawei Cloud CDN provides diverse functions that you may use to manage your CDN resources. See the following table for more details.

If You Want To


Manage domain names.

Enabling/Disabling CDN for a Domain Name, Removing a Domain Name, or Copying Domain Configurations

Handle domain names that go offline due to violations.

Reviewing a Domain Name

Modify domain name details.

Origin Server Settings, Service Area, or IPv6

Modify origin settings.

Host Header, Range Requests, Redirect from Origin, OBS Authorization, Origin Request Headers, Origin URL Rewriting, or Origin Response Timeout

Configure HTTPS secure acceleration.

HTTPS Certificates, OCSP Stapling, Force Redirect, HTTP/2, or TLS Versions

Configure CDN cache rules to reduce the origin pull ratio.

Cache Settings, URL Parameter Filtering, Origin Cache Control, Smart Compression, or Status Code Cache TTL

Identify and filter visitors.

Referer Validation, IP ACL, Token Authentication, or User-Agent ACL

Configure advanced domain name settings.

HTTP Header Settings or Custom Error Pages

Enable CDN PoPs to obtain the most current content from the origin server.

Cache Purge or Cache Prefetch

Query and monitor CDN usage statistics on the console.


Quickly identify and locate problems by analyzing logs.

Log Management or Auditing

Verify whether an IP address belongs to a Huawei Cloud CDN PoP.

Checking PoP IP Addresses

Configure CDN and OBS together.

Accelerating OBS Resources

Create an enterprise project.

Creating an Enterprise Project and Authorizing User Groups