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Updated on 2024-05-14 GMT+08:00

Remotely Logging In to a Windows ECS (from a macOS Server)


This section describes how to use a remote login tool to log in to a Windows ECS from a macOS server. In this section, the remote login tool Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac and the ECS running Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center 64bit are used as an example.


  • The target ECS is running.
  • You have obtained the username and password for logging in to the ECS.
  • You have bound an EIP to the ECS. For details, see Binding an EIP.


  1. Start Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. Click Add Desktop.
    Figure 1 Add Desktop
  3. On the Add PC page, set login information.
    • PC name: Enter the EIP bound to the target Windows ECS.
    • User account: Select Add user account from the drop-down list.
      The Add user account dialog box is displayed.
      1. Enter the username administrator and password for logging in to the Windows ECS and click Add.
        Figure 2 Add user account
        Figure 3 Add PC
  4. On the Remote Desktop page, double-click the icon of the target Windows ECS.
    Figure 4 Double-click for login
  5. Confirm the information and click Continue.

    You have logged in to the Windows ECS.

    Figure 5 Successful login