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About HPC


High-performance computing (HPC) is a computer cluster system that connects multiple computer systems using various interconnection technologies. It relies on the integrated computing capability of all the connected systems to perform large-scale computing tasks. For this reason, HPC is also often referred to as an HPC cluster.

HPC Service Characteristics

In industries including scientific research, weather forecast, simulation test, bio-pharmaceuticals, gene sequencing, and image processing, high-performance clusters are required to resolve large-scale computing issues. The management node assigns computing tasks to different computing nodes.

In different service scenarios, the data volume and correlations between computing tasks vary, posing varied requirements for computing capabilities, storage efficiency, network bandwidth, and delay.

HPC Application Scenarios

HPC provides ultra-high floating-point computing capabilities, applicable in massive data processing and computing-intensive scenarios such as scientific research, weather forecasting, computing simulation, military research, CAD/CAE, biopharmaceuticals, DNA sequencing, and image processing. It shortens the time it takes to perform tasks and enhances computing precision.