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You can use real-time synchronization of Data Replication Service (DRS) to migrate data from on-premises Oracle databases to Huawei Cloud GaussDB. Full and incremental synchronization can ensure the long-term data synchronization between the source Oracle database and the destination GaussDB database.


  • With the rapid increase of enterprise workloads, traditional databases have poor scalability and distributed databases are required.
  • Building traditional databases require purchasing and install servers, systems, databases, and other software. Its O&M is expensive and difficult.
  • The performance of complex queries for traditional databases is poor.
  • It is hard for traditional databases to smoothly migrate data without interrupting services.

Migration Architecture

Migration Principles

Perform the following operations to complete full and incremental synchronization:

  1. In the full synchronization phase, migrate tables, primary keys, and unique keys.
  2. Start incremental data extraction to ensure that the incremental data generated during full data synchronization is completely extracted to the DRS instance.
  3. Start the full migration task.
  4. Automatically perform incremental synchronization after the full migration is complete. The playback starts from the location where the full migration starts.
  5. Start the comparison task after the incremental replay is complete to check the data consistency. Real-time comparison is supported.
  6. Start migration if the data is consistent.

Service List

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • GaussDB
  • Data Replication Service (DRS)
  • Data Admin Service (DAS)

Notes on Usage

  • The resource planning in this document is for demonstration only. Adjust it as needed.
  • The end-to-end test data in this document is for reference only.
  • Full synchronization is used to migrate data. Incremental synchronization is used to synchronize data between the source and destination databases in real time.


  • You have registered with Huawei Cloud and completed account authentication.
  • Your account balance is greater than or equal to $0 USD.
  • You have set up an on-premises Oracle database for testing.
  • You have obtained the IP address, port number, username, and password of the Oracle database to be migrated.