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Elastic IP 

An EIP is a public IP address that can be accessed directly over the Internet. An EIP consists of a public IP address and some amount of public network egress bandwidth. EIPs can be bound to or unbound from ECSs, BMSs, virtual IP addresses, NAT gateways, and load balancers.

Progressive Knowledge

EIP knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


EIP application scenarios and functions are provided to help you select your desired type to match services.

Service Overview


You can allow your ECS to access the Internet by binding to an EIP.

Getting Started


You can use the EIP service to work together with other cloud services to connect to the Internet.

Accessing the Internet


EIP APIs and calling examples help you use and manage EIPs and bandwidths.

API Reference


EIP bandwidth billing modes and configurations are available for you to select. You can also choose to use the shared bandwidth, shared data package, or bandwidth add-on package based on service requirements.

Assigning an EIP

Be a Power User

You can configure your EIP and modify its bandwidth based on your service requirements and view monitoring metrics in real time to determine the EIP health status.

Common Operations

O&M and Monitoring