Updated on 2024-07-12 GMT+08:00


Application Scenario

An enterprise runs its basic businesses on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs). As its data grows, the disks cannot meet the storage and access requirements for a large number of images and videos. After learning that Huawei Cloud provides a scalable OBS for storing massive amounts of data, the enterprise decided to use OBS as its data storage pool to reduce the burden on servers.

You can access OBS from ECSs over the Internet or Huawei Cloud intranet. Accessing OBS from the Internet is subject to network conditions and incurs data read traffic fees. To maximize performance and reduce costs, enterprise administrators want to access OBS over the intranet.

The OBS resources you want to access over an intranet must be in the same region as the ECS. For example, the OBS resources and the ECS are both in the CN-Hong Kong region. If they are in different regions, you can access OBS resources only over the Internet.

Solution Architecture

Configure an intranet DNS on the established ECS. The intranet DNS resolves the OBS domain name so that the ECS can access OBS over the intranet. Figure 1 shows the access process.

Figure 1 Accessing OBS over the intranet

When accessing OBS through the intranet from your ECSs, you can read, back up, and archive data without affecting the internet bandwidth.