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Updated on 2022-10-24 GMT+08:00

Does VOD Support Transcoding Callbacks?

Yes. VOD uses Simple Message Notification (SMN) to provide event notifications on completed transcoding. Before audio and video transcoding, you can configure event notifications. After the configuration is complete, you can receive a message notification on completed transcoding.

The following types of messages can be received:

  • Template message: If Template message and JSON message are both selected, you will receive template messages via SMS and email, and receive JSON messages via HTTP and HTTPS.
    Table 1 Template message


    Message Body


    Dear user, your video transcoding task has been completed. Video ID: {asset_id}; name: {title}. Log in to the VOD console or call a VOD API to view transcoding details.

    Streaming failed

    Dear user, an error occurred when processing your video transcoding task. Video ID: {asset_id}; name: {title}; error code: {err_code}; error information: {err_msg}.

  • JSON message: For details about the message body and description, see Transcoding Message Body.

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