Updated on 2024-07-19 GMT+08:00


VOD sends notification messages to notify you of the execution status of tasks such as transcoding and snapshot capturing in real time.

Currently, two notification services are available: MFS and SMN. If you are a new user, MFS is used by default. To use SMN, submit a service ticket.

Comparison Between MFS and SMN

The following table lists the differences between MFS and SMN.

Table 1 Service differences




Region restriction

MFS is not supported in CN North-Beijing1 and CN East-Shanghai2.



High, usually within 5 minutes.

Medium. Queuing occurs during global peak hours, and a delay of more than 10 minutes occurs occasionally.


Free of charge

SMN charges messages separately. For details, see SMN Pricing Details.

Notification mode

Only REST messages can be sent.

Multiple types of messages, such as SMS messages, emails, and REST messages, can be sent.

JSON message body

Figure 1 shows an example of JSON message body.

Figure 2 shows an example of JSON message body.

Figure 1 JSON message body of MFS
Figure 2 JSON message body of SMN