Updated on 2022-10-24 GMT+08:00

Category Settings

You can categorize audio and video files so that you can quickly find them by category. You can also call an API for creating a media category to categorize media files.


  • You can add up to 128 categories.
  • You can add up to three levels of subcategories.
  • If no category is set, the uploaded media files fall into the Other category by default.

Adding a Category

  1. Log in to the VOD console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Global Settings > Categories.
  3. Click Add to add a category.

    Figure 1 Adding a category

  4. Click Add Subcategory in the row containing the created category to create a subcategory.
  5. Categorize audio and video files on the Audio and Video Management page or during upload.

    Then, you can click Categorize Video to view all files under this category.

    Figure 2 Files under this category

  6. Click Delete to delete an unwanted category.

    The rules for deleting a category and subcategory are different:
    • If you are going to delete a subcategory, files under this subcategory will be added to its category.
    • If you are going to delete a category, files under this category will be added to the Other category.