Updated on 2022-09-14 GMT+08:00

Performing an Incremental Evaluation

This function is available only for Oracle databases.


  • You have required permissions of a project.
  • An evaluation project has been created but the target database has not been confirmed.
  • Tables, functions and other data are added to the source database in a project. Deleted or modified data cannot be identified.
  • Before performing incremental evaluation, you must perform differential analysis.


  1. Log in to the UGO console.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Schema Migration > DB Evaluation.
  3. In the evaluation project task list, select the project to be analyzed and choose More > Run Differential Analysis in the Operation column.
  4. After the differentiation analysis is complete, choose More > Incremental Evaluation in the Operation column
  5. After the incremental evaluation is complete, view the updated project information. For details about a project, see Viewing Evaluation Project Details.