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Updated on 2023-03-14 GMT+08:00

Executing a Manual Test Case


A manual test case has been created.

Common Execution

  1. Log in to the CodeArts homepage, search for your target project, and click the project name to access the project.
  2. On the navigation bar, choose Testing > Testing Case.
  3. On the Manual Test tab page, locate the test case to be executed and click in the Operation column. The execution page is displayed.

    If multiple test cases need to be executed at the same time, select them and click Batch Set Results.

  4. Set the case result based on the actual test result.

  5. After the setting is complete, click Save to return to the test case list. You can view the execution result in the Result column.

  6. Click the test case name and click the Result tab to view the execution history of the test case.

Execution with Specified Parameters

Manual test cases can be executed with parameters.

  1. In the test case list, click in the Operation column and select Specify Parameter to Execute.

  2. In the displayed dialog box, enter the version number and click Execute. The execution page is displayed.

  3. You can view the test version number. Set the test case execution result, enter the actual result, and click Save.

  4. Click the corresponding sample and click the Result tab to query the execution result.