Updated on 2023-03-14 GMT+08:00

Creating a Test Procedure


Take a Scrum project as an example. Related requirements have been recorded in the project management module for the current iteration.

Before testing, the tester creates a manual test case for the corresponding function in the test case library based on front-end requirements, and associate them.


  1. After the operations described in Creating a Manual Test Case are complete, choose Testing Design > Manual Test, click the name of the test case to be edited, and click the Details tab.
  2. Edit the test details as required.

    • In the table under Test Steps, click the blank area in the Step and Expected Result columns and enter information as required. Click in the Operation column to add a step and enter the step description and expected result as required.
    • Click Associate Requirements on the right of the page. In the dialog box that is displayed, select the requirement to be associated and click OK.