Updated on 2023-11-24 GMT+08:00

Microservice Entry


  1. Log in to the CodeArts homepage.
  2. Go to the target project and choose CICD > Pipeline.
  3. Click Microservice. The microservice list page is displayed, showing information about all microservices in the project.




    Microservice name.

    Created By

    Name of the user who creates a microservice.

    Created At

    Time when a microservice is created. You can move the cursor to the Create At column and click to sort microservices by creation time.


    Current status of a microservice. After a microservice is created, it automatically changes to Activated.


    Click to follow the microservice. After the microservice is followed, the icon changes to . You can click the icon again to unfollow the microservice. Also, you can click to delete the microservice.


    After a microservice is deleted, all change records and pipelines of the microservice will be deleted. Exercise caution when performing this operation.

    • Click Create Microservice to create a microservice. For details, see Creating a Microservice.
    • You can enter a microservice name in the search box to search for the microservice.
    • Click a microservice name to view microservice details. For details, see Viewing a Microservice.