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About Logs

Updated at: Sep 02, 2021 GMT+08:00

Log Description

MRS cluster logs are stored in the /var/log/Bigdata directory. The following table lists the log types.

Table 1 Log types



Installation log

Installation logs record information about FusionInsight Manager, cluster, and service installation to help users locate installation errors.

Run logs

Run logs record the running track information, debugging information, status changes, potential problems, and error information generated during the running of services.

Audit logs

Audit logs record information about users' activities and operation instructions, which can be used to locate fault causes in security events and determine who are responsible for these faults.

The following table lists the MRS log directories.

Table 2 Log directories

File Directory

Log Content


Component audit log.


Log collecting script log.

Controller process log.

Controller monitoring log.


DBService log.


Flume log.


HBase log.


HDFS log.


Hive log.


HTTPD log.


Hue log.


Kerberos log.


LDAP client log.


LDAP server log.


Loader log.


logman script log management log.


MapReduce log.


NodeAgent log.


OMS Kerberos log.




oms: complex event processing log, alarm service log, HA log, authentication and authorization management log, and monitoring service run log of the omm server.

oma: installation log and run log of the omm agent.

core: dump log generated when the omm agent and the HA process are suspended.


Spark log.


Log generated when the sudo command is executed by user omm.


Time synchronization management log.


Tomcat log.


Yarn log.


ZooKeeper log.


Kafka log.


Storm log.


Patch log.

Run logs

Table 3 describes the running information recorded in run logs.

Table 3 Running information

Run Log


Installation preparation log

Records information about preparations for the installation, such as the detection, configuration, and feedback operation information.

Process startup log

Records information about the commands executed during the process startup.

Process startup exception log

Records information about exceptions during process startup, such as dependent service errors and insufficient resources.

Process run log

Records information about the process running track information and debugging information, such as function entries and exits as well as cross-module interface messages.

Process running exception log

Records errors that cause process running errors, for example, the empty input objects or encoding or decoding failure.

Process running environment log

Records information about the process running environment, such as resource status and environment variables.

Script logs

Records information about the script execution process.

Resource reclamation log

Records information about the resource reclaiming process.

Uninstallation clearing logs

Records information about operations performed during service uninstallation, such as directory deletion and execution time

Audit logs

Audit information recorded in audit logs includes FusionInsight Manager audit information and component audit information.

Table 4 Audit information of FusionInsight Manager

Audit Log

Operation Type


Manager audit log

User management

Creating a user

Modifying a user

Deleting a user

Creating a user group

Modifying a user group

Deleting a user group

Adding a role

Modifying a role

Deleting a role

Changing a password policy

Changing a password

Resetting a password

User login

User logout

Unlocking the screen

Downloading the authentication credential

Unauthorized operation

Unlocking a user account

Locking a user account

Locking the screen

Exporting user information

Exporting a user group

Exporting a role

Tenant management

Saving the static configuration

Adding a tenant

Deleting a tenant

Associating a service with a tenant

Deleting a service from a tenant

Configuring resources

Creating resources

Deleting resources

Adding a resource pool

Modifying a resource pool

Deleting a resource pool

Restoring tenant data

Cluster management

Starting a cluster

Stopping a cluster

Saving configurations

Synchronizing cluster configurations

Customizing cluster monitoring indicators

Saving monitoring thresholds

Downloading a client configuration file

Configuring the northbound API

Configuring the northbound SNMP API

Creating a threshold template

Deleting a threshold template

Applying a threshold template

Saving cluster monitoring configuration data

Exporting configuration data

Importing cluster configuration data

Exporting an installation template

Modifying a threshold template

Canceling the application of a threshold template

Masking alarms

Sending an alarm

Changing the OMS database password

Changing the component database password

Starting the health check of a cluster

Updating the health check configuration

Exporting cluster health check results

Importing a certificate file

Deleting historical health check reports

Exporting historical health check reports

Customizing report monitoring indicators

Exporting report monitoring data

Customizing monitoring indicators for static resource pools

Exporting monitoring data of a static resource pool

Service management

Starting a service

Stopping a service

Synchronizing service configurations

Refreshing a service queue

Customizing service monitoring indicators

Restarting a service

Exporting service monitoring data

Importing service configuration data

Starting the health check of a service

Exporting service health check results

Configuring the service

Uploading a configuration file

Downloading a configuration file

Instance management

Synchronizing instance configurations

Commissioning an instance

Decommissioning an instance

Starting an instance

Stopping an instance

Customizing instance monitoring indicators

Restarting an instance

Exporting instance monitoring data

Importing instance configuration data

Host management

Setting a node rack

Starting all roles

Stopping all roles

Isolating a host

Canceling host isolation

Customizing host monitoring indicators

Exporting host monitoring data

Starting the health check of a host

Exporting the health check result of a host

Maintenance management

Exporting alarms

Clearing alarms

Exporting events

Clearing alarms in batches

Clearing alarm through SNMP

Adding a trap target through SNMP

Deleting a trap target through SNMP

Checking alarms through SNMP

Synchronizing alarms through SNMP

Modifying audit dump configurations

Exporting audit logs

Collecting log files

Downloading log files

Uploading a file

Deleting an uploaded file

Creating a backup task

Executing a backup task

Stopping a backup task

Deleting a backup task

Modifying a backup task

Locking a backup task

Unlocking a backup task

Creating a restoration task

Executing a backup restoration task

Stopping a restoration task

Retrying a restoration task

Deleting a restoration task

Table 5 Component audit information

Audit Log

Operation Type


DBService audit log

Maintenance management

Performing backup restoration operations

HBase audit log

Data definition language (DDL) statement

Creating a table

Deleting a table

Modifying a table

Adding a column family

Modifying a column family

Deleting a column family

Enabling a table

Disabling a table

Modify the user information

Changing a password

User login

Data manipulation language (DML) statement

Putting data (to the hbase:meta, _ctmeta_, and hbase:acl tables)

Deleting data (from the hbase:meta, _ctmeta_, and hbase:acl tables)

Checking and putting data (to the hbase:meta, _ctmeta_, and hbase:acl tables)

Checking and deleting data (from the hbase:meta, _ctmeta_, and hbase:acl tables)

Permission control

Assigning permissions to a user

Canceling permission assigning

Hive audit logs

Metadata operation

Defining metadata, such as creating databases and tables

Deleting metadata, such as deleting databases and tables

Modifying metadata, such as adding columns and renaming tables

Importing and exporting metadata

Data maintenance

Loading data to a table

Inserting data into a table

Permissions management

Creating or deleting roles

Granting/Reclaiming roles

Granting/Reclaiming permissions

HDFS audit log

Permissions management

Managing permissions on files or folders

Managing permissions on owner information files or folders

File operation

Creating a folder

Creating a file

Opening a file

Appending file content

Changing a file name

Deleting a file or folder

Setting time property of a file

Setting the number of file copies

Merging files

Checking the file system

File links

MapReduce audit log

Application running

Starting a Container request

Stopping a Container request

After Container request is completed, the status of the request is displayed as succeeded.

After Container request is completed, the status of the request is displayed as failed.

After Container request is completed, the status of the request is displayed as suspended.

Submitting a task

Ending a task

LdapServer audit log

Maintenance management

Adding an operating system user

Adding a user group

Adding a user to user group

Deleting a user

Deleting a group

KrbServer audit log

Maintenance management

Changing the password of a Kerberos account

Adding a Kerberos account

Deleting a Kerberos account

Authenticating a user

Loader audit log

Security management

User login

Metadata management

Querying connector information

Querying a framework

Querying step information

Managing data source connections

Querying a data source connection

Adding a data source connection

Updating a data source connection

Deleting a data source connection

Activating a data source connection

Disabling a data source connection

Job management

Querying a job

Creating a Job

Updating a Job

Deleting a job

Activating a job

Disabling a job

Querying all execution records of a job

Querying the latest execution record of a job

Submitting a job

Stopping a job

Hue audit log

Service startup

Starting Hue

User operation

User login

User logout

Task operation

Creating a job

Modifying a job

Deleting a job

Submitting a task

Saving a task

Updating the status of a task

ZooKeeper audit log

Permissions management

Setting the access permission to Znode

Znode operation

Creating a Znode

Deleting a Znode

Configuring Znode data

Storm audit log


Submitting a topology

Stopping a topology

Reallocating a topology

Deactivating a topology

Activating a topology


Stopping a topology

Reallocating a topology

Deactivating a topology

Activating a topology

MRS audit logs are stored in the database. You can view and export audit logs on the Audit page.

The following table lists the directories to store component audit logs. Audit log files of some components are stored in /var/log/Bigdata/audit, such as HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, Hive, Hue, Yarn, Storm, and ZooKeeper. The component audit logs are automatically compressed and backed up to /var/log/Bigdata/audit/bk at 03: 00 every day. A maximum of latest 90 compressed backup files are retained, and the backup time cannot be changed.

Audit log files of other components are stored in the component log directory.

Table 6 Directory for storing component audit logs


Audit Log Directory































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