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Viewing Operation Logs

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00

You can view operation logs of clusters and jobs on the Operation Logs page. Log information is typically used for quickly locating faults in case of cluster exceptions, helping users resolve problems.

Operation Type

Currently, the following operation logs are provided by MRS. You can filter the logs in the search box.

  • Cluster operations
    • Creating, deleting, scaling out, and scaling in a cluster
    • Creating and deleting a directory, deleting a file
  • Job operations: Creating, stopping, and deleting a job
  • Data operations: IAM user tasks, adding user, and adding user group

Log Fields

Logs are listed in chronological order by default in the log list, with the most recent logs displayed at the top.

Table 1 describes various fields in a log.

Table 1 Log description



Operation Type

Various types of operations, including:

  • Cluster operations
  • Job operations
  • Data operations

Operation IP

IP address where an operation is performed.


If an MRS cluster fails to be deployed, the cluster is automatically deleted, and the operation logs of the automatically deleted cluster do not contain the Operation IP of the user.


Operation details. The value can contain a maximum of 2048 characters.


Operation time. For a deleted cluster, only logs generated within the last six months are displayed. To view logs generated six months ago, contact HUAWEI CLOUD technical support.

Enterprise Project

Enterprise project to which the cluster belongs

Table 2 Icon description



Select an enterprise project from the drop-down list box to filter logs.

Select an operation type from the drop-down list box to filter logs.

  • All Operation Types: Filter all logs.
  • Cluster: Filter logs for Cluster.
  • Job: Filter logs for Job.
  • Data: Filter logs for Data.

Filter logs by time.

  1. Click the input box.
  2. Specify the date and time.
  3. Click OK.

The left-side input box indicates the start time and the right-side one indicates the end time. The start time must be earlier than or equal to the end time. Otherwise, logs cannot be filtered.

Enter a keyword of the Operation Details in the search box and click to search for logs.

Click to manually refresh the log list.

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