Updated on 2023-03-24 GMT+08:00

Creating a Consumer Group


A consumer group is a group of consumers with the same behavior and is used to manage and maintain message retrieval.


A RocketMQ instance has been purchased.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner to select a region.

    Select the region where your RocketMQ instance is located.

  3. Click and choose Application > Distributed Message Service (for RocketMQ) to open the console of DMS for Kafka.
  4. Click a RocketMQ instance to go to the instance details page.
  5. In the navigation pane, choose Consumer Groups.
  6. Click Create Consumer Group.
  7. Configure the consumer group name and other parameters by referring to Table 1.

    Table 1 Consumer group parameters



    Consumer Group Name

    Name of the consumer group.

    Once the consumer group is created, you cannot modify its name.


    Select one or more brokers on which the consumer group is to be created.

    Once the consumer group is created, you cannot modify its brokers.

    Maximum Retries

    Maximum number of retry attempts allowed for normal messages.

    For ordered retrievals, this limit can be configured by using the setMaxReconsumeTimes method.


    Indicates whether messages are broadcast.

    If this option is enabled, each message is retrieved by all consumers in the consumer group. If this option is disabled, each message is retrieved by only one consumer in the consumer group.

  8. Click OK.