Updated on 2022-08-01 GMT+08:00

Modifying a Listener


You can modify the name, port, client affinity, and description of a listener.

You can also modify other information about the listener:
  • Endpoint groups associated with each listener, including the name, traffic dial, health check, and description. For details, see Modifying an Endpoint Group.
  • Endpoints in the endpoint group, including their weights. For details, see Modifying an Endpoint.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. On the homepage, click in the upper left corner and choose Networking > Global Accelerator.

    The Global Accelerator page is displayed.

  3. Search for the global accelerator by name or ID.
  4. Click the name of the global accelerator to go to the details page.
  5. Click Listeners.
  6. Locate the listener you want to modify and click .
  7. Modify the parameters. For details, see Table 1.
    Table 1 Listener parameters that you can modify




    Listener name.

    You can enter up to 64 characters. Only letters, digits, and hyphens are allowed.


    The ports or port ranges used by the listener to receive requests from clients.

    The port number ranges from 1 to 65535. You can enter one or more ports or port ranges and separate them by commas (,).

    Example: 1-10,11-50,51,52-200

    Client Affinity

    If you select None, the listener routes requests evenly among the endpoints in the endpoint group.

    If you select Source IP address, the source IP address of each request is calculated using the consistent hashing algorithm to obtain a unique hash key, and all the endpoints are numbered and mapped to the hash keys. Requests from the same IP address are forwarded to the same endpoint for processing.

    TCP and UDP listeners support only Source IP address.


    Supplementary information about the listener.

    You can enter up to 255 characters.

  8. Click OK.