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Data Import

Updated at: Jun 09, 2021 GMT+08:00


Import data into a table for backup or data migration. The table structure to be imported must be the same as that of the target table. If you import a CSV or SQL file, the data type of the target table must be the same. The imported file should be no larger than 10 GB.


  1. On the top menu bar, choose Import and Export > Import.
  2. Import a file from your local PC or an OBS bucket.

    • From your local PC

    In the upper left corner, click Create Task. On the displayed page, select an import type, select Upload file for File Source, set the attachment storage, and upload the file. Then, set other parameters as required.

    For security purposes, imported files are stored in OBS buckets.

    • To keep your data secure, provide your own OBS bucket to store the attachments you upload. In this way, DAS automatically connects to your OBS bucket for in-memory reading.
    • If you select Delete the uploaded file upon an import success, the file you upload will be automatically deleted from the OBS bucket after being imported to the destination database.
    • From an OBS bucket

      In the upper left corner, click Create Task. On the displayed page, select an import type, select Choose from OBS for File Source, and select a file from the bucket. Then, set other parameters as required.

    The file uploaded from an OBS bucket will not be deleted upon an import success.

  3. After setting the import parameters, click Create. Confirm the information again before you click OK because original data may be overwritten after data import.
  4. View the import progress in the task list or check task details.

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