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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

Configuring an Automatic Check Task for Branch Merge

If branch merging exists in CodeHub, you can configure an automatic check task in CodeCheck and generate a job. That is, if branch merging exists in a code repository, a new code check job is generated.


  1. Access the CodeCheck details page.
  2. Click the Settings tab and choose Integration Services. Enable CodeHub. The CodeHub integrated functions are displayed.
  3. Select MR Status and Executed upon code submission as required.

  4. Click Save. After the file is saved, a success message is displayed.

    After MR Status is selected, source and target branches are automatically checked upon a code commit. After Executed upon code submission is selected, the check task is automatically executed upon a successful code commit.

  5. If a branch is merged in the code repository of the task, CodeCheck automatically generates a code check job.

    1. Access the check task details page.
    2. Click and create an MR in CodeHub.

      For details about how to merge branches, see CodeHub User Guide. After the branch is merged, only differences between code branches are checked.

    3. Click . You can view the historical records of all MRs from the drop-down menu.