Updated on 2023-06-06 GMT+08:00

Purchasing a Q&A Bot

Before using QABot, you need to purchase an intelligent Q&A bot. Basic edition is now supported. API calling is billed separately. If QABot stops providing services, delete or unsubscribe Q&A bots to release resources.

Buying a Q&A Bot

  1. From the left navigation pane of the CBS console, click Question Answering Bot. On the displayed page, click Buy Q&A Bot in the upper right corner.
  2. On the displayed Buy Q&A Bot page, specify parameters as required. The fees are displayed in the lower part of the page for your reference.
    • Region: nearest region to your customer base for quick resource access and low network latency.
    • Q&A Bot Name: uniquely identifies a bot. The value consists of letters, digits, and certain special characters (including _, -, and #). The value contains 1 to 63 characters, such as QABotdemo1.
    • Billing Mode includes Pay-per-use.
      • Pay-per-use: You can purchase a Q&A bot based on your needs.
    Figure 1 Purchasing a Q&A bot
  3. Click Next in the lower right corner to switch to the Confirm page.
  4. After confirming the information on the Confirm page, click Pay Now.

    In the Q&A bot list on the Question Answering Bot page, the status of the purchased Q&A bot is Creating. After the Q&A bot is successfully created, its status automatically switches to Available. See the following figure.

    Figure 2 Q&A bot list