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Pre-registering Customers

Updated at:Jan 11, 2021 GMT+08:00

Customer pre-registration is a mechanism provided by HUAWEI CLOUD for partners to register customers in advance to seize customer development opportunities. This mechanism prevents conflicts between partners and between partners and HUAWEI CLOUD.

A partner can pre-register potential customers. Within the validity period of pre-registration, the partner can send invitation links to pre-registered customers for them to register and associate with the partner.

Except for sending emails, partners can send hyperlinks and QR codes to invite potential customers.


  • The following types of customers cannot be registered:
    • Customers already associated with partners
    • Customers who have been pre-registered by other partners
    • Customers who have signed contracts with HUAWEI CLOUD
    • Customers registered with HUAWEI CLOUD (China)
    • Customers who have cash spending records but have not been pre-registered by HUAWEI CLOUD
  • The following types of customers can submit requests for manual review:
    • Customer's registration country is different from that of the partner
    • Customers who have been pre-registered by HUAWEI CLOUD
  • The maximum number of pending and pre-registered customers is 100. When the maximum number is reached, the partner cannot pre-register any customers.
  • The validity period of pre-registration is 15 days. A pre-registered customer cannot be pre-registered by another partner until the current validity period has expired.
  • If a partner does not reserve a mobile number or email address in the partner center, the partner cannot register a customer. Partners need to add mobile numbers or email addresses on the Personal Information page under Account Management > Basic Information in the partner center before registering customers.
  • When a partner pre-registers a customer, ensure to enter the email address used by the customer to register its account.
  • If a partner still wants to pre-register a customer who does not meet the pre-registration conditions, the partner needs to submit a manual review request. The review will be completed within two working days.


  1. Use your account to log in to HUAWEI CLOUD.
  2. In the drop-down list of your account name, click Partner Center to go to the Partner Center.
  3. In the navigation tree, choose Customer Business > Customer Development.
  4. On the From Partner Center tab page, click Preregister Customer.

    The Preregister Customer dialog box is displayed.

  5. Enter the customer's information and click OK.

    A message is displayed indicating that the pre-registration is successful.

  6. (Optional) If a partner still wants to pre-register a customer who does not meet the pre-registration conditions, the partner needs to submit a manual review request.

    1. In the dialog box that is displayed, click Preregister Customer.
    2. In the Preregister Customer dialog box, fill in the required information and click Submit.

Other Operations

Click Delete in the Operation column to delete a customer. You can also select multiple customers and click Delete next to Preregister Customer to delete them.

You cannot delete customers whose status is Pending review or Associated.

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