Updated on 2024-05-28 GMT+08:00

Enabling Manual Renewal

You can switch the instances (excluding instances no longer available) that have been set to be automatically renewed, changed to pay-per-use after expiration, and not renewed after expiration to manual renewal. All instances that are set to manual renewal will be moved to the Manual Renewals page.


  1. Go to the Renewals page.
  2. Set the search criteria.

    • You can search for instances by Expires and Status. When you attempt to query instances about to expire in different time periods, the system displays only the in-use instances that will expire at a later time.
    • You can search for instances by instance name, ID, or order number, or filter instances by product type, region, or enterprise project.
    • Only when the enterprise project management function is enabled, you can filter instances by enterprise project.
    • Resources with orders pending payment can be operated only after these orders are paid or canceled. The Do not show resources that have orders pending payment option is deselected by default. You can select it to hide resources with orders pending payment.
    • The Do not show resource packages and Show resource packages only options are deselected by default. You can select them to hide or filter resource packages.
    • On the Auto Renewals, Pay-per-Use After Expiration, and Renewals Canceled pages, you can switch the instances to manual renewal.

  3. Locate the instances that you want to set to manual renewal and click More > Enable Manual Renewal in the Operation column.

  4. On the displayed page, click OK.