Updated on 2023-12-07 GMT+08:00

Expenditure Summary

On the Dashboard page, you can view your expenditure summaries of the last 18 months. Tax is included in all expenditure amounts.

Viewing Expenditure Summary

  1. Go to the Dashboard page.
  2. View your monthly expenditure summaries of the last 18 months.

    1. Summary information of expenditures, refunds, and account adjustments is displayed, respectively. When logging in with an enterprise master account, you can view expenditure data of associated member accounts.
      • Amount due: The total fee of the monthly bills. The monthly expenditure amount is the sum of cash payments, cash coupons used, and outstanding amount. Discounts are not included.
        Discounts: The total discount amount in the period. Click the amount link next to Discounts to view the details.
        • Outstanding amount: The expenditure amount that you fail to pay due to insufficient account balance in a specified period. Uncleared and unsettled amount is also regarded as arrears.
        • Uncleared amount: Amount to be deducted and paid.
        • Unbilled amount: The unprocessed amount of a bill to be generated.
        • Write-off: The outstanding amount that HUAWEI CLOUD discharges according to the arrears write-off regulations, which customers do not need to repay.
      • Expenditure summary: Your total expenditure amount in a billing cycle.
      • Refund summary: Your total unsubscription amount in a billing cycle.
      • Account adjustment summary: Your total account adjustment amount in a billing cycle, such as Huawei write-offs.
    2. View the product expenditure summary information.

      Cost summary data can be displayed by product, billing mode, and bill type.



      Billing Cycle

      Time frame between billings for an account. It is determined by HUAWEI CLOUD and is generally one natural month. When a billing cycle ends, the system calculates all the fees that a customer needs to pay during the billing cycle and generates a bill.


      Account name of the customer to which a bill belongs.

      Service Type

      Category of a cloud service.


      Name of a cloud service.

      Billing Mode

      When the order type is unsubscription, this parameter has no value.

      • Yearly/monthly
      • Pay-per-use
      • Reserved instance

      Bill Type

      The bill types include:

      • Expenditure
      • Account adjustment
      • Refund

      List Price

      The sale price of a product with no commercial discounts and promotion discounts applied on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website. List price = Discount amount + Truncated amount + Amount due.


      Discounts offered to customers when they use cloud services, for example, commercial discounts, partner authorized discounts, and promotions. The value is the discount amount based on the list price.


      In pay-per-use billing mode, prices are accurate to two decimal places, with the third and later decimal places directly deleted.

      Amount Due

      Amount that a customer should pay for used cloud services after discounts have been applied. Amount due = Cash payments + Cash coupon used + Outstanding amount. Click on the right of the amount due to select whether to hide expenditures of 0 dollar.

      Cash Payment

      Amount that is paid by cash.

      Cash Coupons Used

      Fees that are paid using cash coupons.

      Outstanding Amount

      Amount to be deducted and paid, including uncleared amount and unsettled amount.

Viewing Historical Data

A partner's customer who has been disassociated with the partner can view expenditure summaries prior to the disassociation.

  1. Click Historical Data.
  2. On the displayed page, view the expenditure summary data by billing cycle.

Downloading a Summary Bill

  1. Downloading a bill in PDF format

    Click Export Monthly Bill and select Summary bill and Export PDF to export the monthly expenditures in PDF format. After being stamped with Huawei's seal, this PDF file can be used to describe the content of the corresponding invoice.

  2. Downloading a bill in Excel format

    Click Export Monthly Bill and select Summary bill and Export XLSX to export the monthly expenditures in Excel format. This Excel file can be used for account reconciliation.