Updated on 2023-03-16 GMT+08:00

Getting Authenticated

Individual users can use personal certificates for real-name authentication.

Individual users can upload one of the following certificates for real-name authentication: passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan Residents, Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan Residents, or non-Chinese driver license.


You cannot be authenticated this way if you have joined a partner program.

Authentication is similar with different certificates. Here, we'll illustrate the procedure with a passport.


  1. Go to the Basic Information page and click Authenticate next to Authentication Status.

    A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click Continue.

    The Real-Name Authentication page is displayed.

  3. Select Individual Authentication.

  4. Fill in your personal information.

    When authenticating with Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, enter the first nine digits of the certificate number.

  5. Click Submit. The review progress page is displayed.

    The authentication review will be completed within three working days.

    If the information you provide is incorrect, you will be requested to retry authentication.