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Disassociating from the Partner

Updated at:Oct 10, 2020 GMT+08:00

You can disassociate your account from the partner by submitting a service ticket.

  • A customer cannot be disassociated by its partner through a service ticket or by the account manager of the partner.
  • For a customer associated with a partner by reseller model, the customer cannot apply to disassociate from the partner in the following scenarios:
    • The customer has been associated with an enterprise master account or member account. Dissociate from the master account or disassociate the member account.
    • The customer's account is in arrears. Contact the partner to increase the credit limit to write off the arrears.
    • The customer has available reserved instances. Unsubscribe from the reserved instances.


  1. Contact the partner to apply to cancel the association.
  2. The partner needs to send an email proving agreement to cancel the association.

    The email template is as follows:

    Sender: Registered email address of the partner. The email address must be the same as that specified in Basic Information > Account Information > Email at the Partner Center.

    Recipient: Email address of the associated customer

    Email subject: Approving HUAWEI CLOUD account xxxx to disassociate from partner account xxxx

    Email body: HUAWEI CLOUD partner (account name: XXXX) agrees to cancel the association with the customer (account name: XXXX). As a HUAWEI CLOUD partner, we clearly know the impact of the disassociation and bear the possible consequences. We hereby authorize HUAWEI CLOUD to cancel the association with the customer (account name: XXXX).

  3. Use your account to log in to HUAWEI CLOUD.
  4. Choose Service Tickets > Create Service Ticket.

    The Create Service Ticket page is displayed.

  5. Choose Partners > Partner Registration and submit the service ticket.

    In the service ticket, provide an email screenshot proving that the partner agrees to cancel the association with your account.

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