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Delivery Methods

Updated at:Nov 21, 2019 GMT+08:00

HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace provides a platform for partners to release cloud products in various delivery methods, including images, consulting services, SaaS, and licenses.


Images are created by sellers based on the HUAWEI CLOUD public system. Users can use an image to create an ECS with the same system environment as that in the image.

Images integrate the software environment and functions on the operating system and couple application software with cloud resources to enable out-of-the-box functionality for ECSs.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are offered on the Marketplace as products. This type of products is not traded on the Marketplace. The Marketplace only provides links to access the products on sellers' official websites.


SaaS products are application software products provided by sellers to run on HUAWEI CLOUD infrastructure as a service (IaaS). After purchasing SaaS products, users can log in to specified websites to use them without a need to purchase the required cloud resources.

Currently, a SaaS product can be enabled by using the username and initial password. When a user purchases a SaaS product on the Marketplace, the Marketplace invokes the service interface provided by the seller, requesting the seller to perform product subscription. After the subscription operation is complete, the seller returns information to the Marketplace, such as the frontend address, management backend address, username, and initial password of the product.


License products are the licenses of commercial software (such as images and SaaS) provided by a seller. License products include commercial operating system, database middleware, and application software.

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