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Applying for Registration

Updated at:Mar 17, 2020 GMT+08:00

To be a HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace seller, your account must meet the following conditions:

  • A HUAWEI CLOUD account
  • An enterprise account
  • Not joined the HUAWEI CLOUD solution partner program
  • Not an Identity and Access Management (IAM) account
  • Not registered with the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace


  1. Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace homepage.
  2. Click Sell in Marketplace in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Click Sign Up as a Seller on the page that is displayed.

  4. Fill in the information as required.

  5. Confirm the information, select I have read and agree with the terms in HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace Seller Agreement, and click Submit.

    The application will be reviewed within five working days. The review results will be sent to the customer service email address and the mobile number provided in the application.

    • A company entity can only be used to register with the Marketplace once.
    • The company entity of a registered seller cannot be changed. If you change your company entity, you have to register a new account and submit a new application to register with the Marketplace.

Follow-up Operations

After the application is approved, you can perform the following operations to update the seller information:

Go to the Seller Console, click Seller Info in the navigation pane on the left, and click on the displayed page to modify the basic information. The modified information will be reviewed.

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