Updated on 2022-07-11 GMT+08:00

SDK Overview

Huawei Cloud Meeting provides Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Electron client SDKs for developers to quickly integrate the audio meeting, video meeting, and desktop sharing capabilities of Huawei Cloud Meeting into their own applications.

Client SDKs of Huawei Cloud Meeting have implemented UI functions, including participant image display, meeting control, and desktop sharing. You only need to call a few APIs to integrate Huawei Cloud Meeting capabilities. Client SDKs provide the following UIs. (The Windows SDK is used as an example. SDK capabilities of other platforms are the same, but the UI layouts are different.)

  1. Main screen during a meeting
    Figure 1 Main screen during a meeting
  1. Desktop sharing screen
    Figure 2 Desktop sharing screen
  1. Incoming call screen
    Figure 3 Incoming call screen
    • On the incoming call notification screen, incoming call notifications can only be received when the application process is not killed by the system. The mobile app SDKs do not provide the VoIP Push capability.