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Updated on 2022-12-07 GMT+08:00

Obtaining and Installing the Python SDK

To obtain and install the Python SDK, you are advised to use pip commands or PyCharm. You need to install the huaweicloudsdkcore and huaweicloudsdkimage packages as follows:

Install the Python SDK using pip commands:
# Install the huaweicloudsdkcore package.
pip install huaweicloudsdkcore

# Install the huaweicloudsdkimage package.
pip install huaweicloudsdkimage

To install the Python SDK using PyCharm, perform the following steps:
1. Start PyCharm and choose File > Settings...
2. Click Python Interpreter and then +.
3. Click +, search for huaweicloudsdkcore and huaweicloudsdkimage, and click Install Package in the lower left corner to install the packages.
Figure 1 Installing the Python SDK for Image Recognition using PyCharm