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Updated on 2022-12-05 GMT+08:00

Introduction to Image Recognition SDK

Overview of Image Recognition

Image Recognition is a technology that uses computers to process, analyze, and understand images to identify objects in different modes, including Image Tagging.

Image Recognition provides services through open application programming interfaces (APIs). You can obtain the inference results by accessing and calling APIs in real time. It helps you collect key data automatically and build an intelligent service system, thereby improving service efficiency.

SDK Overview

Image Recognition Software Development Kit (Image SDK for short) encapsulates the RESTful APIs provided by Image Recognition to simplify application development. You can add dependencies or download SDKs to call APIs to use Image Recognition.

Mappings Between Services and APIs

Table 1 lists the mappings between the Image Recognition sub-services and APIs.

Table 1 Mappings between services and APIs



Image Tagging

POST /v2/{project_id}/image/tagging

Recapture detection does not support SDKs. For details about the APIs for using recapture detection, see Recapture Detection APIs.