Updated on 2023-07-24 GMT+08:00

Process Overview

EVS disks can be attached to servers and be used as system disks or data disks. Table 1 lists the disk purchasing methods.
Table 1 Method of purchase




System disk

System disks are purchased along with servers and cannot be purchased separately.

Data disk

Data disks can be purchased along with servers or separately.

Figure 1 shows how to purchase a data disk separately.

Figure 1 Process overview
  1. Preparations: Register with Huawei Cloud, and top up your account. For details, see Preparations.
  2. Purchase a disk. Configure the disk parameters, including the disk type, size, name, and other information. For details, see Purchase an EVS Disk.
  3. Attach the data disk. Attach the separately purchased disk to a server. For details, see the following sections:
  4. Initialize the data disk. Log in to the server and initialize the data disk before using it. For details about how to initialize the disk, see the following sections: