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You can create and connect to instances on the management console.


To create and use an instance, you need to perform the operations described in the following flowchart.

Figure 1 Process
Table 1 Operation process




Creating an instance

You can customize the computing resources and storage available to your instance.

Binding an EIP


When connecting to an instance from the Internet, you need to configure an EIP.

Binding and Unbinding an EIP

Configuring security group rules


Add the devices that access the instance to the security group associated with the instance, so you can access the instance from the devices.

  • If you access the instance from an ECS that is in a different security from the instance over a private network, you need to configure the security group rule.
  • If you connect to an instance over a public network, you need to configure security group rules.

Connecting to an instance

You can connect to instances through DAS, a private network, a public network, or program code.