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Updated on 2023-03-02 GMT+08:00

Application Scenarios

Software Test Quality Management

  • Higher Test Efficiency and Coverage

    Agile test processes are available for teams of different scales. The requirement-driven method prevents missing or false testing.

  • Efficient Collaboration Between Development and Test

    Bidirectional tracing is performed among requirements, cases, and defects. Different roles collaborate with each other in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Multi-Dimensional Quality Dashboards

    Multi-dimensional quality dashboards and quality evaluation ensure efficient product acceptance.

Continuous Automatic Test

  • APITest

    The test pyramid is used to perform automatic API-layer function tests.

    Compared with UI tests, API tests have low development cost, short running period, and high running stability, implementing quick and accurate test feedback.

  • Continuous Integration of Automation Tests

    Continuous integration and pipeline are used to implement build, deployment, and tests. Problems can be detected in a timely manner during quick tests, preventing faulty artifacts from entering the next phase or environment.

  • Monitoring Production Environment and Third-Party Dependent APIs

    24/7 API-level test monitoring is established for monitoring products or third-party dependent APIs in the production environment to detect live network problems earlier than customers and rectify the problems in a timely manner.