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What Is SIS

Updated at: May 08, 2020 GMT+08:00

Speech Interaction Service (SIS) provides a man-machine interaction mode by open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can obtain the speech interaction results by real-time access and API calling. SIS consists of the following sub-services:

  • ASR Customization (ASRC): leverages deep learning technology to provide speech recognition and allows you to define language models.

    ASRC provides Sentence Transcription.


ASRC provides Sentence Transcription. Sentence Transcription recognizes audio recordings with a shorter duration at a faster speed.

  • Sentence Transcription converts audio recordings whose duration is less than 30s into text. After binary data is uploaded, the system automatically processes and converts it into text.

ASRC Advantages

  • High Recognition Rate

    Utilizes the deep learning technology to optimize the corpus for specific scenarios and fields, enabling an industry-leading recognition rate.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Combines mature speech recognition algorithms currently in active use in the industry with the latest research to empower enterprises with unique competitive advantages.

  • Customizable Models

    Increases accuracy by using speech recognition models designed for the specific requirements of the vertical industry you operate in of for other specific scenarios.

SIS Learning Paths

You can quickly understand SIS and learn how to use it by referring to Progressive Knowledge.

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