Updated on 2023-02-08 GMT+08:00

Basic Concepts

Resource owner

An account used to create and manage resources. A resource owner can use RAM to share specified resources by creating a resource share in this account.


The entity that the resource owner shares resources with. A principal can be an individual Huawei Cloud account. When sharing with Organizations is enabled, a principal can also be an organization or organization unit (OU).

Resource share

A unit for resource sharing. Resource shares are created by resource owners. Each resource share consists of one or more resource groups, RAM managed permissions, and principals.

RAM managed permission

A permission that defines what actions principals can take with shared resources. There is at least one RAM managed permission for each shareable resource type. If a resource type has only one RAM managed permission, it is used automatically by default. If a resource type has more than one RAM managed permission, you can choose which one to use in a resource share.

Resource sharing invitation

When a resource owner wants to share resources with principals, RAM issues an invitation. The principals then receive the invitation and can choose to accept or reject it. If sharing with Organizations is enabled, the resource owner shares resources with an organization or OUs. By default, all the accounts in the organization or OUs accept the sharing invitation.