Updated on 2022-10-29 GMT+08:00

RAM Advantages

Simplified Resource Management

You can create a resource once in one account and use RAM to share that resource with other accounts, eliminating the need to create and provision duplicate resources in each account. This simplifies resource management and reduces operational overhead. The resource owner can use RAM to centrally manage different types of resources and configure resource shares. This improves operational efficiency and ensures consistent resource configurations.

Improved Management Security

RAM has a single set of permissions preconfigured for different resource types, and principals are only allowed to access resources they have the permissions for. This improves the security of resource management while providing shared resources for resource consumers.

Organizational Resource Sharing

When you use RAM to share resources with a specified organization or OU, RAM automatically grants or denies the permissions to access the shared resources in an account if the account joins or leaves that organization or OU.