Updated on 2024-04-19 GMT+08:00

What Is OMS?

Object Storage Migration Service (OMS) is an online data migration service that helps you quickly, easily, and securely move data from object storage on other clouds to Object Storage Service (OBS) onHuawei Cloud.

OMS supports migrations from AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud, UCloud, QingCloud, Qiniu Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Google Cloud.

Typical application scenarios of OMS include:

  • Object data migration: OMS helps you easily move web application data stored in object storage to Huawei Cloud.
  • Cloud disaster recovery: OMS allows you to replicate object data to Huawei Cloud OBS for disaster recovery and backup.
  • Object data restoration: OMS allows you to use data backups from other cloud service providers to quickly restore data to Huawei Cloud.