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Before using Live, understand the following constraints.

Table 1 describes the constraints.

Table 1 Constraints




Currently, Live is available only in AP-Bangkok, AP-Singapore, and CN North-Beijing4.

Domain name

By default, you can add a maximum of 64 domain names to each account.

Concurrent live stream

There is no limit on the number of concurrent live streams. However, if you will have a large number of concurrent live streams, you are advised to submit a service ticket.

Stream pushing

There is no limit on the bitrate. Common resolutions and bitrates are supported. To ensure smooth streaming, it is recommended that the bitrate be no greater than 4 Mbit/s.


You can play a live stream only after ingest and streaming domain names have been associated and the values of AppName and StreamName in the streaming URL are the same as those in the ingest URL.

Input/Output format

  • Video packaging protocols
    • RTMP and FLV

      Video codecs: JPEG, Sorenson-H.263, ScreenVideo, On2-VP6, On2-VP6-Alpha, ScreenVideo2, and H.264

    • HLS output protocol

      Video codec: H.264

  • Audio packaging protocols
    • RTMP and FLV

      Audio codecs: ADPCM, MP3, LinearLE, Nellymoser16, Nellymoser8, Nellymoser, G711A, G711U, AAC, Speex, MP3-8K, DeviceSpecific, and Uncompressed

    • HLS output protocol

      Audio codec: AAC

Streaming management

This function is available only in the AP-Singapore and CN North-Beijing4 regions.


This function is unavailable in the AP-Bangkok region.


In the AP-Bangkok region, submit a service ticket for review after configuring a template. The configuration takes effect only after it is approved.

Snapshot capturing

Stream status notifications