Updated on 2023-03-29 GMT+08:00

Application Scenarios

Image Tagging

Image Tagging can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Scenario analysis
    Image Tagging can accurately recognize video and image content, thereby improving retrieval efficiency and precision. It makes personalized recommendation and content retrieval and distribution more effective.
    Figure 1 Scenario analysis
  • Smart albums
    A maximum of nearly 10,000 image tags can be recognized, such as plant, food, and work. This feature facilitates tag-based album management and improves user experience.
    Figure 2 Smart album
  • Object detection
    On the construction site, the customized object detection system can monitor whether onsite personnel wear the safety helmet in real time, which helps reduce security risks.
    Figure 3 Object detection
  • Image search
    The image search technology helps you quickly search for the desired image matching the keyword or image you have entered.
    Figure 4 Image search