Updated on 2022-11-14 GMT+08:00

Data Protection

DMS for RocketMQ takes different measures to keep data secure and reliable.

Table 1 DMS for RocketMQ data protection methods and features




DR and multi-active

To meet reliability requirements of your data and services, you can deploy a RocketMQ instance in a single AZ (single equipment room) or across AZs (intra-city DR).

Deploying an Instance Within an AZ or Across AZs

Data replication

Each master has two slaves. To ensure data consistency, the slaves synchronize data from the master. When a network exception or node fault occurs, the master/slave roles are automatically switched by using the Raft protocol.


Data persistence

Exceptions may occur during daily running of the service system. Some service systems require high reliability, including high availability of instances, data security, and recoverability, so that backup data can be used to restore instances if an exception occurs, ensuring service running.