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Updated on 2023-06-26 GMT+08:00

What's Huawei HiLens?

Huawei HiLens is an AI application development and runtime management platform featuring device-cloud synergy. Used with ModelBox, an open-source AI application development and reference framework, Huawei HiLens allows you to quickly deploy models trained by Huawei Cloud ModelArts to many different types of devices and manage them online. Huawei HiLens also provides a rich set of developer tools and plugins to facilitate AI development, as well as a skill market where users can quickly obtain the applications they need through subscription.

Huawei HiLens is a multimodal AI development platform featuring a device-cloud synergy. It provides a cloud-based development framework called HiLens Framework, a cloud-based development environment called HiLens Studio, a web-based management console, and multimodal AI skills. You can develop skills or purchase out-of-the-box skills and deploy them onto HiLens Kit and Atlas 500 devices to enable intelligent applications. (A skill can be seen as an AI application ready to run on a camera or another end user device, and it consists of a model and the code needed to run the model.)

Figure 1 HiLens (Basic Edition) architecture
  • Management console

    Provides functions such as model management and skill development for you to manage models and skills on the cloud and install skills to devices in just one click.

  • Development framework: HiLens Framework

    Encapsulates basic components of video analysis algorithms, such as image processing, inference, and logging. You can develop your own skills with minimal coding.

  • Development environment: HiLens Studio

    A multi-language integrated development environment, including the code editor, compiler, and debugger. You can compile and debug skill code in HiLens Studio.

  • Multimodal AI skills

    A rich selection of AI skills are available in the skill market and can be easily deployed onto end user devices, covering multiple commercial scenarios such as shopping malls, supermarkets, homes, and campuses.