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Updated on 2023-12-15 GMT+08:00

Why Using Huawei Cloud EulerOS

  • Vertical integration of Huawei Cloud services: Huawei Cloud EulerOS works with the QingTian platform to provide synergy between the guest and host OSs so that applications perform better. Using Huawei Cloud EulerOS improves the competitiveness of Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Cloud Container Engine (CCE), Elastic Load Balance (ELB), and database services.
  • Mixed cloud-native deployment: Huawei Cloud EulerOS allows containerized applications to be deployed together to provide a cloud-native infrastructure with less resources, faster startup, and higher resource utilization.
  • Efficient deployment: Huawei Cloud EulerOS helps VM start up faster. It improves the efficiency of batch deployment.
  • Secure and reliable: Huawei Cloud EulerOS supports SM series cryptographic algorithms (such as SM2) and MLPS 2.0/CC EAL4+ security certification.
  • openEuler-based architecture: openEuler is the most active open-source OS community in China. Huawei has been one of the top five contributors to Linux for five consecutive years and the No. 1 contributor to Linux kernel 5.10. Huawei Cloud EulerOS supports mainstream southbound and northbound software and hardware. It is a great alternative to CentOS.
  • Out-of-the-box OSs: KooCLI can be installed to call cloud service APIs through the CLI. sdkmgr can be installed to remotely manage the HarmonyOS SDK for device-cloud developer collaboration.