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Updated on 2024-05-31 GMT+08:00

Related Services

Table 1 shows the relationship between GaussDB and other services.

Table 1 Related services



Elastic Cloud Service (ECS)

Enables you to access GaussDB instances through an ECS to reduce application response time and public network traffic fees.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Isolates your network and controls access to your GaussDB instances.

Object Storage Service (OBS)

Stores automated and manual backups of your GaussDB instances.

Cloud Eye

Acts as an open monitoring platform that monitors GaussDB resources in real time. It reports alarms and issues warnings promptly to ensure you are notified immediately if your services are not running properly.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

Provides records of operations on cloud service resources, enabling you to query, audit, and backtrack operations.

Data Admin Service (DAS)

Provides a visualized GUI interface for you to connect and manage cloud databases.