Updated on 2024-06-27 GMT+08:00

Acceleration Area

An acceleration area is where your clients or end users use global accelerators to access your application faster. You can deploy a global accelerator in the Chinese mainland or outside the Chinese mainland. For example, if you deploy your application in the Chinese mainland and want users outside the Chinese mainland to access your application faster, you can select Outside the Chinese mainland for Applicability when creating a global accelerator.

Global Accelerator deploys corresponding access points in different acceleration areas. Table 1 shows the access points.

Table 1 Access points


Geographic Region

Access Point

Chinese mainland

Chinese mainland

Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai

Outside the Chinese mainland

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Tokyo (Japan), and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Latin America

Bogota (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico)

Middle East

Istanbul (Türkiye) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


Johannesburg (South Africa) and Cairo (Egypt)



Paris (France) and Frankfurt (Germany)

If you want to use the access point in Europe, submit a service ticket to obtain the Open Cloud Service Alliance permissions in EU-Dublin.

For details, see How Can I Use Global Accelerator to Enable European Users to Access the Applications Deployed in or Outside the Chinese Mainland (Excluding Europe) Faster?